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HVR New packaging - 1 L

Introducing the convenient 1L volume! Our unique resin is now even more accessible. Purchase now and experience the difference.

ambredecor artresin resin art epoxy garage floor design decor high viscosity geode


This type of resin is the strength of our product line. 

We decided to introduce this resin first because it is unique.

- It is produced in our factory in the EU (Slovenia).

- It has an amazing viscosity that is suitable for many types of painting, laminating and decoupage. Especially this resin is suitable for geode art, ocean art, abstractive art and for a top coat. 

- This resin is easy to "control", you want it to flow, it will flow, you want it to stay in one place, it will stay where you poured it.

- The resin contains no solvents, nonylphenol and BPA. 

- The resin contains special UV+HALS ingredients that enhance its ability to resist sunlight and yellowing.

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TESTERS! Just for 14,90 EUR

Would you like to test our two types of resin? We have 250 ml Tester of High viscosity resin (HVR) and 225 g Tester of Medium viscosity resin (MVR)

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  • ambredecor resin art decoration design epoxy pigment pastes artresin


    The high viscosity of this resin allows you to make a perfect clear glossy top coat. You can laminate any picture, photo, or anything.

  • Painting, e.g. marble effect, geode art, cells

    You easily can paint with this resin cells, geode, ocean art and more. We look forward to seeing your works!

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DIN EN 71-3 (Materials for toys)

We have had our resins tested by the TÜV SÜD laboratory and have confirmed that each of our resins conforms to DIN EN 71-3. This standard applies to the materials from which children's toys are made. This also means that the material is safe for children and pets in the hardened state.