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AmbreDecor®. All-Round Resin for Art. Medium viscosity. For any of your ideas. 1,5 KG

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Introducing The Sensation of 2022 in the Resin Market! It's food safe resin*.

Our incredible resin is the ultimate solution for bringing your creative ideas to life. Whether you're crafting coasters, diving into abstract art, designing countertops, or seeking a crystal-clear top coat with maximum UV-resistance, our resin is your go-to choice.

🌟 Achieve a High Gloss Finish: Elevate your projects with a mesmerizing, glass-like shine.

🔥 Exceptional Heat Resistance: Withstands temperatures up to +100ºC after tempering, ensuring your creations endure.

💫 Minimal Bubbles: Say goodbye to annoying bubbles that disrupt your masterpiece.

🎨 Perfect Viscosity: Our resin boasts a medium viscosity, ideal for creating breathtaking effects in your artwork.

🌿 Environmentally Friendly: Nonylphenol, Benzyl alcohol, and BPA-free for your peace of mind.

☀️ High UV-Resistance: Thanks to HALS+UV filters, your art will remain vibrant and protected from UV damage.

And the list goes on! Whatever your project demands, our resin is here to deliver exceptional results. Trust in The Sensation of 2022 and bring your creative visions to life with unmatched quality and performance."

    Component A - RESIN - 1000 g

    Component  B - Hardener - 500 g 


    Mixing ratio 2:1 by weight.            
    Working time 25-30 min
    Time to touch 8-10 h
    Full curing time (at +23ºC) 16-24 hours
    Viscosity (at +23ºC)

    2000 mPas


    Réf: MVR1500 | EAN: 639114000943

    TDS (on request)

    SDS (on request)

    *Food safety properties are ensured only after the resin has fully cured, provided that the correct proportions and mixing techniques are followed.