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AmbreDecor®. High viscosity resin for art. Mixing ratio 1:1. Volume 10L.

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It is an ideal resin for painting in various techniques such as geode art, ocean art, laminating, decoupage, top coat.  This is also an ideal resin for various effects, including cells.

- High gloss finish
- Ideal viscosity for many painting techniques
- Nonylphenol free
- BPA free
- Low odor
- High UV-resistance

Technical Data

Mixing ratio 1:1 by volume, or 100:90 by weight
Working time 40-45 min
Time to touch 12 h
Full curing time (at +23ºC) 24-48 hours
Viscosity (at +23ºC) 2800 mPas


TDS (.pdf)

SDS (on request)